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19.02.2007 20:40 - 5 things you don't know about me - blog tag game
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(Това е превод на предишния ми постинг. Считам, че го дължа на Nick, който ме "тагна".)

I got the token from my colleague from Multilingual-Search - Nick Wilsdon, who, in turn, recieved it from David Temple and Brian Temple, who recieved it from... other guys from the SEO community. This is one of those games that show you how small our world is (just as sites like MySpace and LinkedIn do). In this case I have to write five things about myself, that you probably don"t know already.

When I started thinking it was like - jeez, what am I gonna write about? Nothing came to my mind. After writing the first 2 or 3 I was already like "which five to choose from the hundreds that crossed my mind?".
I am still not sure that these are the most appropriate. but... here we go!

1. I got my first cable internet connection (replacing the sloppy dial-up) thanks to CashFiesta. CashFiesta is a firm which claims to pay for watching banners on your PC. It requires a software installation and the software starts showing you banners while you are connected to the internet. There is also a referal scheme in this network. Of course, it was all (and still is) a big fraud, but it was the last argument necessary to convince my mother to call the cable provider...

2. At the age of 12 I was operating a crane with a lifting capacity of 12.5 tons. It was a great responsibility, but I was quite happy for being responsible for that machine. The only bunder that happened during my shifts was while lifting a 9 ton coil of steel. The workers have not centered it right and when I lifted it it started to swing wildly. The coil took down two metal columns. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the columns were supporting nothing so it wasn"t a big deal and I got away without a punishment..

3. I would describe myself as a music maniac - I enjoy all types of music and I tend to do everything better while listening to music. The sound system in my house is contstantly on. Outside I"m usually walking with the earplugs of my mp3 player. I listen to all types of music depending on my mood. However, my toplist is  composed of techno/dance/trans/house/ambient/chillout songs.

4. I just love being in the nature, especially the mountains and I enjoy walking for kilometers with a racksack on my back. The price is usually a magnificent view from a mountain top. Of course, it"s all photographed and uploaded to my albums at Snimka.bg (geoprofi и geoprofii).

5. I am infamous with my inhospitability in the circles of the viruses and the bacilli. They avoid me and try to keep a safe distance of several miles away from me, cause they know they can expect no mercy if they come closer...

That"s it from me. I"ve decided to pass the token to bloggers with blogs in Blog.bg (sorry, they all write in Bulgarian):


Your turn!

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1. andreytcho - yeah nigga :)
19.02.2007 20:44
I was like what the fuck man, i read it fine in bulgarian, no need to simplify the shit :)))

Anyway HI Nick, I won't translate mine, learn BG !!
2. анонимен - Nick Wilsdon
20.02.2007 11:46
>I won't translate mine, learn BG

Blimey Andrey, I'm having enough trouble learning Russian, give me a break! ;)

That's cool it's going out to other countries/languages.
3. alex4o - Good luck :)
13.03.2007 23:10
with the Russian epopee. But we won't give you a break no way. Learn the fu**** Bulgarian:)))

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